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Ackee services in located in Middlesex county, NJ We specialize in surface preparation and refinishing using vapor blasting.

How The Process Works:

We offer vapor blasting which is dust free process that avoids media impregnation on soft materials and extends the life of the media. The process uses water and high pressure that creates a slurry on impact with the media.


The added benefits of saving money by reconditioning parts is essential in any industry. Research shows , “Savings to consumers from using rebuilt or remanufactured parts range from 20-50%.”. In many markets the options are limited as more components are NLA (No Longer Available), making vapor blasting a suitable alternative.

With the application of water the metal surface is cools any frictional heat which is an alternative when working with aluminum and stainless steel metals.


The end result is a non abrasive and greener method to clean and polish the surface material while it seals the metal therefore protecting it from surface contaminants.

We are driven by values

Speak to a member of our staff to learn more about us.We believe, with improved efficiency we can offer low cost without compromising the quality of service to our clients.

about us

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We use state of the art equipment to increase the efficiency of our workshop turn over rate.

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Innovativeness, thanks to a strong team that appreciates commitment to our core values

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Ability to deliver high quality products and services